Walk the Line: Outcome 2

Studio- Give and Take, Walk the line

First gifs done, I did an experiment with some coloured pencil shavings I stuck in my sketchbook the other week when brainstorming connections to “child” thinking about how children always create stuff and the mess they leave behind. I thought it would be funny to make the shavings move and made one where a bit of it rotates but finishing that I just felt like it didn’t move too much and the image as a whole was too static so I made another one that’s more twitchy and communicates better with the paper one I made just before.

Pencil shavings gif 1 and 2, Lisa 2017

It kind of looks like someone is moving the shavings around on a light box and I think it looks really nice: like someone fiddling with something.

Final one I managed to do today is another thread one. For this I pulled apart the yarn I had to create thinner strands of thread, mixed two colours and spun them around on a coloured piece of paper, scanning it as I went along. This gif is like a combination of all my words with the thread that I have been using for “old, the paper for “may” and the moving around for “child”. Twitchy and changing ripples basically. Wrinkles on a worried forehead, sound waves of a child screaming and the connections and intertwines of something old.


Wobbly gif, Lisa 2017

Five gifs done so four left now! I think it’s starting to come together.


Google Engage: Outcome 2

Dialogue Studio, google engage

Having both my wave video and the built model of the pavilion, I put the two together in AE so you can see how the whole installation works. The waves will be projected onto the walls alongside some text that I have based my whole project on. As you walk through the pavilion you are surrounded by these huge walls that are 7-8 meters at their highest point, see the projections as you wander through it and also read the text to understand the purpose of it all. I want the experience to be like you are walking inside a crashing wave so scale is very important here and that nothing stands still.

Final DOOH- screen, by Lisa

Google Engage: Outcome 1

Dialogue Studio, google engage

For my abstract wave approach I started making some test videos to see how I could go about this. After several tries and experimenting in After Effects but not getting the result I wanted I felt a bit frustrated as I thought I could never get this to be what I wanted it to be. It either looked too light and flimsy or not regular enough but I got there eventually with the help of a tutorial that taught me how to transform sound into an abstract pattern that reacts to the wavelengths of the sound.

Wave experiments, by Lisa

Google Engage: Development 2

Dialogue Studio, google engage

So I developed my bathtub idea further thinking about involving illustration and giving the campaign a very airy feel. Putting together this moodboard:

And picking up on some things in that I made a print of a bathtub that I thought I could use as seen below left.