Match and Mismatch: Outcome 3

Match and Mismatch, Studio- Give and Take

I worked a lot with the poster outcome of this project. After all the tests I did here I thought I might be done but after realising I wanted to use the image of the stretched bench for my publication, I didn’t want it to be visible in the poster as well. I was also starting to change my mind about the placing of the text. It clashed with the white line at the bottom too much and just didn’t sit well. Before all this though, I changed the typeface. I had started using Helvetica when making the tests just to kind of use something, but also started to like it. However, I thought I should look at other typefaces too, to see if there was something else I could use to fit better. I had recently found Gibson and thought that looked nice and kind of similar to Avenir, but when I placed it on the poster I instantly hated the way the “e” looked. It looks too evil, like someone is laughing ominously and the poster is dark enough without having a evil looking “e” in there. So Gibson had to go. But! Then I found League Spartan! And it fit perfectly. I love the roundness of the “b” and the bold strokes of the ascenders. I also tried to make the text a bit wobbly to take away some of the static-ness but didn’t like it in the end so let that go.

Poster development: Helvetica, Gibson, League Spartan, Lisa 2018

Just before doing this, I had experimented with making a GIF for the project. Don’t think it’s innovative enough so I don’t have it as my final outcome, but whilst making it I really liked the repetition of benches and the blackness of the black space of it.


Bench GIF, Lisa 2018

So I scrapped the stretched bench element of the poster and only focused on the bench rain, thinking about the connection to mass production and such. This is some of the tests I did along the way to figure out the placement of the text:

Poster ideas, top, sitting on middle line, sitting just below middle line Lisa 2018

Finally settled on the poster to the right, where the text sits slightly below the middle line because it created the best balance and kind of made the word had the most presence. It’s just bench! right there in your face. It creates stability around the chaos of the falling benches behind it. My original plan was to redo the falling benches in the darkroom to see if I could get a better analogue feel but deciding it was going to cost me too much money, buying photo paper and more acetate, I looked into different ways of making it feel analogue without the dark room thing. So, I thought the printing technique would make a lot of difference and also the use of coloured paper so I Riso printed them. This made some of the detail disappear which looks nice and also adds some tactile texture to it, takes away the shine. I do like the outcome and the grey paper underneath makes it more interesting although I did make some mistakes when printing the master so the yellow letters don’t align with the space made for it by the black background which still looks okay and possibly even better than the design I intended, but the “c” and “h” are a bit too extreme and I don’t like it. The yellow doesn’t come through well enough with the Riso ink either, despite printing it three times, and would really like it to so next step will be to screenprint this to get the bright bright yellow I want.

bench posters

Poster outcome, Riso printed, Lisa 2018

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