Dialogue Studio: Armin Hofmann

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The Swiss graphic designer Armin Hofmann’s work is easy to recognize. He has a style that you appreciate the more you look at it and his designs feel modern to this day.

Last week I had a workshop in creating a poster in the style of said designer, trying to decode what signifies his style and applying that to my own design. Hofmann I think works a lot with left aligned small blocks of text and a bigger headline, two or three colours and geometric shapes that are allowed to take place in the design and those were some of the things I used for my work as well.

Using coloured paper and cut out text from a nature magazine (facts about different animals arranged to a block of gibberish) I moved the pieces around to come up with a suitable design. 

Layout tests, by Lisa

After trying different layouts for the poster, I decided on the one seen below. The shapes and the text aren’t battling each other like they sometimes did in my tests (especially the middle one in the upper row, yikes!) but given the space they deserve.

I originally had the text black as it was when I cut it from the magazine but after observing Hofmann’s posters more, I realized he mostly only uses two colours for each design so I changed the text colour to match the colour of the shapes and that really brought it together. I’m quite happy with this and I had fun doing it!


Final poster, work by Lisa

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