Collection of lines completed

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My line project is finished and it took a 180 turn! I tried to develop a snake fold thing that would have my images of lines folding out in the order I would see them on my way to uni from home but the craftsmanship of it all wouldn’t come together. It looked sloppy, unfinished and very much not what I was going for. So I ended up with boxes which I kind of touched upon in my brainstorming for this project but discarded. Here is the process!


Line tests pt .2

Project 2, Projects

A couple of days ago I was working in the library, got bored of what I was doing and picked up a random book about printmaking from the shelf next to me. Turns out it was a really good book called “Creative Print Making” by Peter Green where he demonstrates how you can create textures and patterns from random things using them as kind of stamps.