Match and Mismatch: Development 1

Match and Mismatch, Studio- Give and Take

Working more on my ideas for the three concepts I got very into doing something that incorporated nature in some way and started sketching ideas that included the material more- so birches, leaves and oak trees but it wasn’t really working. It kind of felt too light and dainty but in the same way too messy as well. So I looked a bit at the designers that my furniture student found inspiring: Konstantin Grcic and George Nakashima. Nakashima makes pieces that focus heavily on the material used, so a tabletop could actually look like it was just chopped down from the tree.


Nakashima, bench

The other designer, Grcic is an industrial designer and his work is very “steely” and geometric:


Grcic, chairs

So two pretty different languages in the two designers work. But both feel kind of experimental still, so I decided to make one of my concepts a bit more experimental as a contrast to the colourful one I have, and the one with the more Eames’ feel. So my first concept is this:

  1. Black and white, analogue, collage concept

All the concepts1

Concept 1, Lisa 2017

My first concept is kind of based of the material of the bench, closeups, experimental manipulation with the images and playing with type. It is very black and white but I added the green as a contrast-y spot colour to get back the nature vibe I was exploring earlier but in a more subtle way. I tried using yellow and red as well and they both looked good but almost made it too cool and I thought the whole idea needed something to ground it more which green does very well.

This whole concept came to be from that photocopied stretched image of the bench I made some weeks back. The playing with the tracking in the word bench was an idea I had in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep and thought about how I could use typography more and how I should really focus on the playful aspect in this concept for everything I do with it. The texture is the outcome from the preparations I did for the darkroom workshop, photographing the pattern on the floor outside that looks like wood so I thought this would work well with the rest of the images. Also, the green especially could look really nice riso printed! The top, middle picture is an outcome from the darkroom workshop where I layered an image I took of a pattern on a glass wall with an image I had previously taken of the bench because I thought they worked together really well, the lines mirroring the lines found in birch ply that the bench top is made out of.


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