Google Engage: Development 2

Dialogue Studio, google engage

So I developed my bathtub idea further thinking about involving illustration and giving the campaign a very airy feel. Putting together this moodboard:

And picking up on some things in that I made a print of a bathtub that I thought I could use as seen below left.

However when I mocked this up on a screen it just felt too flat so I made the whole tub into a 3d screen instead but after getting feedback on that I realised that doesn’t work either. It kind of took away from the big screen impact I wanted from the beginning and also doesn’t work as an art piece like I wanted because it doesn’t interact with people the way it should.

So, I’m now thinking more about the whole experience and viewing this as art and architecture instead of being so screen focused because it’s not getting me anywhere. On that note I made this moodboard from installations and projects I found inspiring:

moodboard light.jpg

I am going to focus more on light, shape, space and creating something that looks interesting and draws you in. The screens will be in there as they need to be but they’re gonna be kind of be more secondary as I at this moment need to think more about this in a less square way. I’ve also looked more into architectural sculptures and pavilions and made this sketch of what my design could look like:


Pavilion sketch by Lisa

I want to create a sculpture/pavilion that feels like water and like you’re walking through waves to still en capsule the 1.4 million litres of water approach I mentioned previously but not make it so literal. Blue, light, glow and scale- next step is to build this!

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