Utterly moving finished

Project 3, Projects

Moving words project is officially finished. Even though stop motion is such a long process and really tests my patience, I like doing it as you can create movement that isn’t possible in real life to give things a sense of being alive. It’s just so cute.


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Project 3, Projects

Moving words- not moving forward. What do you do when you don’t get any ideas? Yesterday was spent working with After Effects, making a little test only to realize I didn’t like what I was coming up with.

It’s just too all over the place and at the same time too static. Meh. Just, no. 

Moving type pt.2

Project 3, Projects

Work on my latest project has been slow. Really slow. At first I tried approaching this by deciding on exactly how I wanted to make the film- getting the type to move, and I had a couple of ideas but couldn’t commit to any of them as they didn’t feel good. So after that I decided on writing the text first (as this has to be somewhat based on a clip from the move “the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”) and came up with precisely nothing again.

Moving type

Project 3, Projects

For my next project I’m going to produce a typographic moving piece of curated footage using original sound. Witch I am very exited about! Right now I have approximately zero ideas so to just begin practicing hand rendering type, I wrote a poem about my right eye that’s been annoying me this week and illustrated it using typefaces I found in my new and amazing book “Type Team” by Tony Seddon.