Match and Mismatch: Research 3

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For the workshop next week that’s going to be spent in the darkroom, I have been looking into photograms and what you can do with that technique. Man Ray is very much a favourite, his images are so varied too ranging from very abstract to very concrete with the images being very low contrast which makes them very poetic. My favourite one is definitely the hand because it looks so alien and nice!

Man Ray Photograms

Lazlo Moholy- Nagy also made some really nice photograms, this one of the bottles being my favourite as it makes the round objects appear so flat.

Lazlo Moholy- Nagy Photograms

Also found this contemporary artist Marcia Treiger who has made some photograms that look a bit different than the old schooler’s:

Marcia Treiger Photograms

She does a lot of stuff that has kind of a flowery, leafy feel that are to dainty for my taste but these two examples are nice and also quite different from each other. The right one is probably my favourite but I appreciate what she has done with the white papery shapes that kind of takes over on the left one too.

For my own photograms that I’ll make next week I have been working on 3 images I took earlier this week when looking for textures in the local area that matched or contrasted my furniture piece, the bench. Two are quite sparingly edited but the third one which is a picture of the patterns on the ground, I added some shapes to (mostly because I didn’t like the dirty floor) to make the woody kind of pattern (that is actually stone) pop more and that one is definitely my favourite so it’ll be fun to see how that comes out after exposing it. Thinking that this might be something I could incorporate in my Match and Mismatch project as well because it looks so much like wood and has a quite interesting feel. We’ll see.

Original photos, Lisa 2017
Edited photos, Lisa 2017

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