Work Placement: Outcome 3

Design competition, Work Placement

For hand in, we decided not to Riso the whole magazine as it wouldn’t be cost effective when only doing three, so basically everything that is meant to be black (except for the collage bit) we printed digitally and the colour bits were Riso’d. A few problems emerged along the way though. Firstly, setting up the InDesign document was kind of a pain because of the way we have designed it. Because we have split it up into sections, every section had to be ale to be divided into 4 so it works printing it in separate booklets that we then put together. After working that out, we had to separate the black from the colour and make sure everything printed the same size. Everything looked alright after printing all the masters. While Risoing we discovered that all the masters actually were a bit too small because it printed with crop marks and therefore shrunk the whole magazine. But the masters for the collage bit which we had done by hand were bigger (actual size). The prints came out really nice though!


Riso printed pages

Second problem came when cutting all the paper after printing. Didn’t notice this before or didn’t really think about it, but when exporting the pages into booklets, Adobe Acrobat added a spine which made everything wonky. Like when you fold the pages, the image is too small. Notice below that the left side of the cover stops too soon..


Cover not aligned to the spine

Final problem is that the staplers we have cannot staple that much paper at once so our binding method doesn’t work. For these tests ones we are going to have to think of different binding methods. I already have holes in mine from the failed stapling so I think I am going to stitch it together instead.


The spine and the holes on the cover created by the failed stapling

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