Portfolio Project: Development 4

Design competition, Portfolio Project

Going back to my physical portfolio, I thought maybe the poster idea with a red poster combined with coloured smaller images on the back of it might not work. I wanted the printed portfolio to match the online one but it just felt too scattered. I wanted it to be more coherent, and a thing you could pick up and flip through. SO I thought I could make a book that was completely red but with coloured posters stuck inseide that you could take out.

Portfolio development, Lisa 2018

However, the more I worked on this with my photos from my FMP, the more I thought it was such a shame they were not the original colour. They kind of died being in red. So that was a bit sad. Coming up with the whole red idea in the first place to make all my projects more cohesive because they’re all so colourful, I have now changed my mind and just think that okay I work in colour, so I should show colour. Went back to my original portfolio document and worked on the images a bit more so that if the big image was cropped, the smaller ones should show more of the project and vice versa. For instance, the picture below shows the full poster on the front and a folded version plus a close up on the back.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 5.46.31 PM

Portfolio development, Lisa 2018

I also changed the layout of the back so that everything is aligned to the left instead of top because that looked more interesting.


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