Google Engage: Outcome 2

Dialogue Studio, google engage

Having both my wave video and the built model of the pavilion, I put the two together in AE so you can see how the whole installation works. The waves will be projected onto the walls alongside some text that I have based my whole project on. As you walk through the pavilion you are surrounded by these huge walls that are 7-8 meters at their highest point, see the projections as you wander through it and also read the text to understand the purpose of it all. I want the experience to be like you are walking inside a crashing wave so scale is very important here and that nothing stands still.

Final DOOH- screen, by Lisa

The text is made up of three sentences that move in a loop on their individual course. I made it that way instead of having all the text read on the same loop so you have to look around to read all of it. This project isn’t about standing still and observing the small scale and minimal so it makes sense to have the audience engage with it by moving around as well.

A look inside and view from above to see how you can walk around in the pavilion, by Lisa

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