Google Engage: Outcome 1

Dialogue Studio, google engage

For my abstract wave approach I started making some test videos to see how I could go about this. After several tries and experimenting in After Effects but not getting the result I wanted I felt a bit frustrated as I thought I could never get this to be what I wanted it to be. It either looked too light and flimsy or not regular enough but I got there eventually with the help of a tutorial that taught me how to transform sound into an abstract pattern that reacts to the wavelengths of the sound.

Wave experiments, by Lisa

The sound my particles react to is the sound of the ocean but man made. It’s not a recording but instead someone that has created a sound that sounds like waves. I chose this because after listening to actual recordings of waves I realised they either sounded too dull like someone was splashing around in a tub or they were too intense and all you could hear was a loud rumble with no ups or downs, just a continuous annoying noise. So I found a digitally made version that suits better because it is a mix of both wave types; it rumbles and it pauses. Perfect. And as I made the particles glow somewhat as well it really feels like a light projection which is perfect, and togheter with the sound really works. It almost looks like chopped up glowsticks. I am getting on friendlier terms with AE now as well and thus, I am enjoying this project more as I know I can actually create what I am envisioning.

Final video, by Lisa

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