Portfolio Project: Outcome 2

Design competition, Portfolio Project

Just recently, I applied for an internship for Foreign Policy Design Group but realised I didn’t have an PDF portfolio to send them so it was really time to make one. I decided on keeping it pretty simple in terms of layout, creating a template using big images combined with small type on each page with a little description of the project. Deciding which projects to include was probably the hardest part because I wanted to show variety between projects but also choose ones that would reflect my style the best. 


Portfolio Project: Development 1

Design competition, Portfolio Project

Okay so I decided not to use cargo collective for my online portfolio as I found it way too confusing. I created an account with wix to try that out and like it better as it allows you to work kind of like you would in InDesign which makes more sense to me. You can choose templates for your gallery or place images exactly where you want them. Very nice. 

Looking back and forward


Before going on and starting another year of projects, I’ll summarise what I took with me from last year. What I’m most proud of achieving so far is probably how I managed to keep everything going at a fast pace when juggling so many projects at once. What I would like to improve though is related to my blog- and that is curating my images better to make my content more cohesive. I would also like to spend more time doing research for my projects because that always seem to be the most time consuming part of a project. I want my portfolio to look cohesive, thought through and feel like me so I should start to art direct everything I do from here on out. I want to be proud of my finished projects and the work I put in, leaving uni next spring.

Best get going then haha!


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I decided to work some more with the “directly translated sentences” from this post and made the drawings into posters! I found this quite fun and I’m thinking about slowly adding to this project and maybe make it in to a zine or printing them using silkscreen. Just need some more nonsense sentences and I’ll be good to go!