Collection of lines completed

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My line project is finished and it took a 180 turn! I tried to develop a snake fold thing that would have my images of lines folding out in the order I would see them on my way to uni from home but the craftsmanship of it all wouldn’t come together. It looked sloppy, unfinished and very much not what I was going for. So I ended up with boxes which I kind of touched upon in my brainstorming for this project but discarded. Here is the process!

Snakefold tests:

I had never heard of snake folding before so made a little test to try it out. Also, while researching different kinds of paper folding techniques I realized I had no idea how many different folding techniques there are! Amazing!

Putting the prints together tests:

Snakefold workspace

Here I tried different ways of putting my prints (which I made through paper stencils as seen in this post) together. None of it very successful and overall a frustrating process. I couldn’t get it to look refined enough and also it felt too boring and I wanted to make something more interactive.

Hence the revived box idea!

The boxes:

The idea with the boxes was that they are very abstract images originating from photos I took of lines, and in themselves they are an image- but put together they become a different image. They create patterns made up of lines depending on how you turn them. At first I wanted to make them only black and white, but as I made them using a traditional origami fold which creates triangles in some spaces and squares in others which I think is very beautiful, I thought I’d highlight the triangles with a different color. Pink because it had a good pop! vibe and also because I tend to use a lot of yellows, blues and greens and wanted to stay away from that.


The layout of the images needs too much math skills than I can muster to plan out while the paper is unfolded, so to tackle this problem I cut out the lines on a white paper using a scalpel and glued it straight on to a box I made out of black paper. Then I cut the image where the folds met, enabling me to unfold the box and scan the paper so I could clean it up in the computer. As it was now it was too messy as there was glue everywhere and the paper tore in some places. Plus, as I wanted several identical boxes this was necessary.

The unfolded paper looks pretty beautiful in itself too and I might work more on these in the future:

To demonstrate how you can play around with the boxes to create different patterns, I made a stop motion movie!

I’m actually quite happy with my result for this project! It has been long and frustrating, I probably haven’t gone one day without thinking about it but the final piece is something I find fun and playful and that makes me happy!



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