Line tests pt .2

Project 2, Projects

A couple of days ago I was working in the library, got bored of what I was doing and picked up a random book about printmaking from the shelf next to me. Turns out it was a really good book called “Creative Print Making” by Peter Green where he demonstrates how you can create textures and patterns from random things using them as kind of stamps. (Love the layout as well).

I got really inspired by this and thought about making my photographs into abstract prints, taking my already loose idea and making it weirder. So, I’ve started cutting up paper, making it into stencils to see how it works out. I’m not 100 percent sure yet of this but I thought it would be fun to try working in only black and white because I always tend to use a lot of (and bright) colours. Here are some of my prints alongside the original photographs:

I kind of like it but they definitely need refining. I am also not sure on how to present it (use original prints or screenprint? scan them and work more in the computer? go a completely different way?) Hm, needs more thinking.

And as I am now best friends with my scalpel I wrote it a poem:

Cutout paper, 

art maker.

Maker of holes.



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