Google Engage: Development 5

Dialogue Studio, google engage

Inside my pavilion I want something that give the walls more life and I was thinking about projecting a wave simulation on them with text explaining the connection with the leather theme. I did a test in After Effects creating “digital water” kind of but it still looked too static and a bit dull actually as seen below.

Water mockup test, by Lisa

So I looked more into how other types of waves can be visualised to make the water projection more abstract and dynamic. From researching heat waves, sound waves, light waves, magnetic waves and radio waves I made this moodboard as a summary of what I found: Skärmklipp 2017-03-05 17.19.34.png

Waves moodboard, by Lisa

I also stumbled upon the artist Maotik who has made a data visualisation art piece of the weather, or more specifically how the tides come and go. I think it’s really inspiring to watch as he has taken something so strong, dense and massive as the sea and made it light, airy and into something that we can get closer to than what we could in real life when it comes to seeing all the different layers of the waves.

Maotik, FLOW

Watching this, I realise that Maotik’s installation also plays with gravity in the same way Alexander Calder’s sculptures does in the way that everything feels very up instead of down. The same way Calder could make the concept of a heavy cow feel as light as air when it is made out of wire or the way his monumental sculptures looks like someone just painted with metal in the air and it stayed that way- almost not even touching the ground, Maotik’s sea looks more like something that could exist around us and flow however it wants without being bound to the laws of gravity. This is what I want for my pavilion as well. Up, not down.

Thinking about this I need to make more tests in After Effects on how to create visuals that feels more organic so that it speaks better with the actual shape of the pavilion which has so much character in itself. I also need to consider the text I want to go with it as I know my connection with my leather theme is becoming thinner and thinner.  At first I thought i should keep the text to as little as possible but now I’m thinking I might need the text to tell the story so it will need to be very well considered and probably more than a sentence. Tricky.

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