Pastiche 1560: Development 2

CIP, pastiche 1560

When researching videos of Calder and his mobiles I always seem to end up watching the same one where a boy walks into Calder’s workshop and is amazed by everything that moves by its own. (video here) He stares at the mobiles hanging from the ceiling, living their own sort of life of there, creating their own universe. He looks at this play for a long time, eventually finding it hard to differ between dream and reality as he is more and more mesmerised by them. Every time I watch this I want to make mobiles.

Last time I thought about this project I was really into doing a stop motion animation. Today I ended up giving the mobiles another go and made another one. However, as I’m not particularly skilled at this yet, the two mobiles I’ve made so far don’t look great to be honest. I feel really happy for a while getting creative like this only to end up hating what I’ve created because it doesn’t look as refined as I want it to look. I feel like I’m not doing this art form justice.

The more I research how to make a mobile and other people that makes them look at this amazing company for example and all the mobiles they make  the less inspired I get because I can’t get it to that level of perfection. I even tried to experiment a bit with shadows to see if I could go for something like that so the quality of my mobiles wouldn’t become so prominent and I could capture that dreamy, outer space quality mobiles can have. But I don’t like how it looks and feels too somber for Calder. Too washed out.

Mobile shadow test

So back to stop motion again but my head is just empty of ideas and I don’t even know where to start. I want to use paper shapes to capture motion, balance and randomness and also the 3d aspect of mobiles without actually make something 3d as I think it would be an interesting contrast. At the same time I don’t want there to be any doubt that my pastiche is about Calder and taking away mobiles will then be a bit tricky because that’s what really made him.

Previous stop motion test

This non direction I’m going in right now is stressing me out but I can’t seem to get out of it. I don’t want to, but I’m putting this aside again. Maybe feeling more stressed later on will help cause right now doing more research is only getting me down cause I can’t come up with a concept that feels right and makes Calder’s work justice.

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