Dialogue Studio: Ustwo

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Ustwo is a studio creating digital products and has worked with companies such as Google, Adidas and Sky. Starting out working in their bedroom and kitchen, founders Matt Miller and John Sinclair quickly got a job with Sony Ericsson which became the stepping stone for renting a studio space and assembling a small team of employees.

The colourful studio makes great digital work but for them, what’s more important is how they work- how the studio functions and the attitude of the people working there. “I spend more time here than at home with my family” John says in an interview, so the dynamic of the studio needs to be good.

Wanting not to create a sterile design studio, Ustwo has designed a space where you feel passionate about working hard and an environment that makes you feel special and inspired. Like their digital design that focuses on user experience and interaction, the studio works in quite the same way. And this may well be a part of their success, as a happy and inspired mind makes it easier to be creative and bringing forth the joy of designing that first led you into this business. Their motto is quite simple: do great work!

Work by Ustwo here


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