Map of Me: Development 3

Dialogue Studio, Map of me

Placing conversations in the places I found them may not be working out for me. These images are two of my outcomes and I liked the result for about three days but now, not so much. I feel like I need to develop this idea more because it is just too one dimensional. The photographs aren’t really working as I would like them to because of the poor quality of my camera and the visuals doesn’t seem inventive enough.

First outcomes for app, by Lisa

So, I have decided not to do the photographs like this. Instead I want to make my app more focused on type and text, perhaps with a few images as well but very abstract and made from cut out paper like what I did in this post because I enjoyed that very much. I want to incorporate poetry more somehow and make the conversations communicate more by themselves. 

Sketches for new app idea, by Lisa

Reading through the book “Virtual Typography” by Matthias Hillner I began looking up visual poetry and concrete poetry and how you can use the patterns of words, letters and punctuation marks to make statements. Some interesting artists/poets within this field are for example Guillaume Apollinaire and Eugen Gomringer- the three top pictures below:

Concrete poetry and visual poetry

I really like these works and how they read, giving meaning to repetition and explaining the words by how you visually arrange them or read them, it’s really interesting and I’m thinking about going this way for my app instead; making posters with only type that display the conversations. I’m not sure how I will incorporate the place where I found them yet but that will somehow be visual in the menu. One idea is that I have abstract images of the place (like a gallery) for the menu and when you click on it you come to the typographic poster. How I communicate where the place actually is I do not know yet, maybe I can have a screen with only a headline after you click on the image and before you get to the poster- that says where the conversation was found. Image -> click -> name of place -> poster appears. I need to explore this further though and start creating the type posters to see how this idea will work.


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