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I decided to work some more with the “directly translated sentences” from this post and made the drawings into posters! I found this quite fun and I’m thinking about slowly adding to this project and maybe make it in to a zine or printing them using silkscreen. Just need some more nonsense sentences and I’ll be good to go!


Finished zine

Core Workshops

At last! I’m finished with my zine page and cover. I think I spent more time thinking on how I wanted it to look and what that look would say to someone seeing it for the first time than actually constructing it. 

Fanzine frenzy

Core Workshops

I’ve recently been introduced to the amazing world of fanzines (the non-professional publications created by fans for fans) and I can’t get enough. I love how there seems to be no boundaries when it comes to layout and everything goes. As I am a layout nerd myself and love to play around with how you place text and image, I find this really inspiring!


Visual Research and Blogweek

In Professor Kierons workshop, the class was shown a glimpse into the world of Zines. We looked at the relevance of them in both the illustration and the graphical design industry, and were also shown exactly how create one. We went on to discuss the various medias artists use within them, and how a pc can create or enhance a zine. Zines are a quick and cheap way of lone producing a piece of work dedicated to a certain subject. They are usually small booklets or leaflets. Different artists create zines in different ways, some stapling them, others folding, some physically sticking images in, others using print.