Summer Show: Development 4

Design competition, Summer show exhibition

After Finn designed our posters, we went to screen print them to try out using split fountain technique. The first designs we did were ones where the type itself was coloured in, on either white paper or coloured paper. They looked really nice but the small information type wasn’t really visible especially when the yellow ink covered it. Posters seen here. So I decided to redo them, testing out filling the background with ink and leaving the type white and that came out better because you could read it better and see the imperfections of the tape helvetica better. Plus, you know colour. Yay! Seen below are three of the outcomes from my printing, two having some quirks and imperfections because of the printing process, and the last one being just perfect. Together they look really nice! 


Map of Me: Research for Visual Identity Book

Dialogue Studio, Map of me

To accompany my app, I need to make a book explaining the visual identity of London Poetry. As I have no idea what usually goes in such a book, I started researching it and focused on three different companies: Apple Pay, The Barbican and Skype as I thought they were a good mix of digital and print stuff.

Apple Pay- divides their chapters in: overview, apple pay buttons, do’s and don’ts, avoid mistakes, examples.

The Barbican- introduction, logo, lock up, grid, typeface, typography (line space, weights) and then what their different posters look like for different events like art, film, theatre etc.

Skype- logo (what it looks like and do’s and don’ts), typeface, colours.

Based on this I’ve thought about what I need to incorporate and so this is my list: introduction, logo + do’s and don’ts, typeface and colours.


Google Engage: Research 1

Dialogue Studio, google engage

New brief is about engaging. Engaging in something you are passionate about and making other people engage with it as well. My chosen topic is animal cruelty and through screen based interaction and the digital out of home medium I will aim to make people more aware about what goes on in the leather industry. The cruelty towards the animals, how it affects people working in the industry and how it affects our planet.

Our Lives in Data

Dialogue Studio, Visits

Our lives in data currently on at the Science Museum is an exhibition about how data is in our lives at all times. As human beings we not only absorb information, we are information. Our structure is information, our habits are information and our interests are information and everything we do can be recorded, collected and analyzed for better or for worse. An interesting topic that could invite to interesting thoughts and discussions but the way it is presented at the Science Museum leaves much to be desired. Despite the heaviness of the subject, the exhibition stays very light and airy and so short that it doesn’t have time to go in depth at all.

The best part of the exhibition, for me, was the display on Dear Data, a project by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec that consisted of the two of them sending each other one postcard a week were they recorded and visualized (in the form of drawings) different data they collected from their everyday life. If the exhibition would have consisted more of those types of interpretations or critique on the monitoring of our data I think it could have been more interesting as the topic itself is very provoking. As it is, I found it quite bland and too tech centered.

Dialogue Studio: Two Points

Artists and Inspiration, Dialogue Studio

Two Points is a studio specializing in flexible systems for visual identity, making stunning layout design and playful yet controlled identities. Based in Hamburg, Berlin and Barcelona they have worked with clients all across the world, big and small alike.

What I specifically like about their work is how, through out their portfolio, you recognize their style even though their clients vary so much. The projects have an airy feel about them and often the similar color palette but still manages to be diverse.


Have a look yourselves! 

A previous post I made about their identity for The Big Draw