Movements: Development 1

Dialogue Studio, Movements

Decided to develop some of my letterpress work into more refined outcomes so I made some posters out of them that reflect the Zero movement; focusing on repetition and the monochrome and creating light. The two last ones are developments of my own tests from a previous post where I made my own Klein inspired paintings.

Zero posters, by Lisa

I quite like these results! It’s a bit tricky to capture the design of the movement without making it look like copying but I feel like these both are zero and my own aesthetics at the same time.


Movements: Research 4

Dialogue Studio, Movements

Experiments with letterpress to generate some ideas that reflect my movement. Started out with the word zero and then thought about the countdown to zero as well so I incorporated numerals too. The most ideal typeface to use for this had been Futura but as that wasn’t available, the closest I could get was Gill Sans which because of the super round O works pretty well (although the fancy R annoys me somewhat).

Sketchbook, by Lisa

Then I started thinking about using the letters as shapes instead and made patterns with o and i which turned out pretty interesting. I really like the zero123 but also the red lines below and the pattern to the left of it. The countdown reflects the movement very well and the launching of a new way to look at and create art so using numbers in this way is something I could develop and refine to make it work better. Using Futura might make all the difference. 

Seeing through words

Artists and Inspiration, CCS

Can a map be something other than an image and what qualities does it need to have? When I think of maps I vision the old roll down world map we had in our classroom in secondary school but really, a map could probably be just about anything if you think about it as long as it does what a map is supposed to do.

Wordplay and Infographics

Core Workshops

I’ve really been enjoying myself in the letterpress studio this week. There is just something about getting your hands full of paint that’s very calming to me. Using woodletters to print meant I’ve had to approach design in a different way than what I’m used to. Forcing me to plan ahead more yet at the same time accepting the mistakes and make the most out of them too.