Portfolio Project: Research 1

Design competition, Portfolio Project

For the new portfolio brief I have been looking at different websites of graphic design and illustration to see how other people tackle this as I have no idea where to start. Surprisingly, I realised quite quickly what I liked and didn’t so that’s good. For instance one thing that makes me close a site as soon as I open it is when the designer has images of work covering the whole screen. Don’t like that at all. It feels too shouty and I can’t wrap my head around what I am looking at because I have to turn my gaze all over the screen and don’t know what to focus on. For instance:

don't like the big images.png

Portfolio research 1



Map of Me: Visual Identity Book 2

Dialogue Studio, Map of me

So my initial designs for the book were super boring. Everything I created looked dead and like it would be better off thrown in the bin. I started out making a book I thought I could get printed with Blurb where the minimum to print is 20 pages, but realised I cannot fill 20 pages for this project so I decided to make my own A5 booklet instead. That design came out just as awful- it didn’t look remotely thought through and just all in all very un inspiring as seen below:

First and second book design, by Lisa

So after getting some help and feedback from a friend about what I could do to change this, I decided on making a concertina A4 thing instead and when I started designing that, everything just fell into place. It was instantly more fun to design and I could play with the format more, making it fit my app better as well.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.20.14 PM

This is in A1 size so it makes to folded A4 books which I then could make a cover to as well to make it more stable and so it s able to stand up. The only thing that concerns me a bit is if I have enough information on here but I think I ticked the most important boxes anyways so off to print!