Kickstarter: Development 1

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Among all the little pieces that has to go in to making a Kickstarter campaign, the video has without a doubt taken the longest to complete. Dividing our work so that some people focused on setting up the page, some focused on getting some explanatory graphics in there etc- we all had at some point lend a hand to the making of the video.

Starting out with the stop motion part of it, what we thought was going to be quick and painful dragged out to three whole days of work with first taking the images, realising they were unusable as the lighting changed from picture to picture, re doing the process with a different setup (which took several tests and creativity to figure out) to then fine tuning it in after effects in terms of colour, speed of the sequence and pauses.

Stop motion images

The second part


Dialogue Studio: Bedwyr Williams

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Singing sneakers, a goat in a ravine and imagining oneself as bread; the Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams’s exhibition “The Gulch” at The Barbican is a walk through strange. Led from one room to the next, the artist takes us on a journey from beaches, restaurants and board rooms- trough built scenes set in dim lighting with no explanation as to what we’re looking at. It’s magically bizarre and I wish the experience went on for longer.

With a Kubrick vibe but maybe less dark, The Gulch is an exhibition I recommend. Go and listen to a man telling you to imagine yourself as a piece of dough. A dough man with different types of breads as your limbs, rising with the hot flames of the oven. Growing crisp and toasty. I for one couldn’t stop laughing.

Pastiche 1560: Wayfinding excersize, La Jetée and the Kuleshov Effect

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Making a film through still images is an easy way to create a video sequence and until today- wasn’t really a technique I’d used before. It is actually an interesting way to create narrative and story.  The Kuleshov Effect explains why putting  images together in a certain sequence is the base for film making and how powerful a tool editing is. “Through the choices in how shots are organized and sequenced, filmmakers can create new meaning by juxtaposing unrelated images.