Google Engage: Research 3

Dialogue Studio, google engage

After getting feedback on the route to take with my leather project, I have decided to follow the path of bathtubs as it feels like the most relatable one and can be quite interesting visually because of the absurdity of it. The ideas I have for them so far are a bit scattered:

  • Displaying taking one bath a day for 40 years through 14 600 bathtubs (365 days x 40 years). These can be shown on screens running alongside a wall.
  • Or on the floor running down a street.
  • Or displayed on a sky screen you look up at.
  • Or one might divide the number of bathtubs with the number of tube stations in London (270) which equals 54 bathtubs that you place at each station. The information to go with it could be something along the lines of: These bathtubs are 54 out of 14 600 placed at 270 stations in London representing the amount of water it takes to produce a pair of leather shoes.
  • Or making it into an art installation similar to the one in the gallery below with clouds on screens. By placing big screens like this in an open place filling them with images of 14 600 bathtubs and having maybe one screen explaining the leather connection.

Map of Me: Development 4

Dialogue Studio, Map of me

What my app idea is lacking and what I have been struggling to come up with is how the user will interact with it. I have gone through so many ideas (help!) yet none of them have really involved any interactive aspect and has mostly felt like a presentation of my findings and work. To tackle this problem I am now thinking about letting the user build their own picture of a place from the pictures I have taken in the form of collages. You will be able to save these collages to a gallery and make several different versions from the same picture.

Three examples of collages made from places I have visited and collected conversations, work by Lisa

Map of me: Research 3

Dialogue Studio, Map of me

Earlier this week, I dove further into researching for my “Map of Me” project- this time focusing more on what type of imagery I want to use when photographing areas in London. My initial idea was to take pictures that show an overview of the place I was at listening to conversations, having the pictures black and white to give the text more focus but thinking about it more and researching architectural photographers I now really like the idea of focusing on how I take the photo as well in terms of capturing interesting angles and shapes to tap in to the tone of voice and feeling of that particular building or place.

After finding these photographers inspiring I made a mood board to sort my thoughts out. Each person is represented by two images each:



Dialogue Studio: Stories, Concepts, Tone of voice

Dialogue Studio, Map of me
collage- ‘a city of things in the city’ and drawing sounds and smells, by Lisa

Stop thinking and just do= mantra of the day. Continuing on the path of mark making and idea generating, today’s theme has been documentation. But not only documenting what you see- but what you smell and hear as well. I found this exercise quite fun and even though I had difficulty grasping the purpose of it, I realised I actually could draw a sound or a smell, who knew.

Dialogue Studio: Emma McNally

Artists and Inspiration, Dialogue Studio, Map of me
Work by Emma McNally

Emma McNally is an artist making complex graphite drawings reflecting the environment around us. Inspired by music and sounds, rainfall, Morse code, telecommunications and the transmissions from the hydrophones under the Antarctic ice streamed live on internet- her works are mesmerizing,  intricate maps of dots and lines that invokes a sort of calm.

I think her work is beautiful and the way she uses different sounds in her creative process very inspiring. I really like the abstractness of this and want to use something similarly un figurative for my app.