Pastiche 1560: Outcome 2

CIP, pastiche 1560

In terms of the sound for my pastiche I realised quite quick that I couldn’t have just any soundtrack and that actually the less sound I would have, the better, as I think just as it was important to have a lot of white space in the video- it is important to let the silence speak as well. Calder is work is very monumental and has its own presence that translates best into silence. Awe.

However, the sounds I did put in are:

  • Some “dings” that sounds like glass or a metal bowl because it has that resonance that “travels”. It’s a sound that continue to flow around a room which is perfect as Calder is all about room and space and how you can create something (in this case a sound) that then gets life of its own. It also ties back to Calder’s own experiments with sound and how he sometimes hung his mobiles purposely close together so that when the wind decided it was time for them to move and eventually touch, the metal would create a “ding” kind of sound. All very random and precisely what I wanted to reflect in my video as well.
  • In the middle of the video when the shapes are balancing around I have put footsteps and some birds chirping. This is to represent Calder’s studio in the south of France, how he worked a lot outside and how his work requires you to move around. It’s a background sound and something we might not think about but here the background is what is important, the environment. It also brings nature into it which makes everything more human and maybe less serious which is good. The shape almost becomes human, like it was the shape walking around instead.
  • Windchimes are what is playing last when the mobiles dance around, combined with some wind blowing. I wanted to accentuate wind, air and space at this part, making you understand that the mobiles move because the wind tells them to. It almost sounds a bit eerie but I think that is a good thing as it highlights Calder’s thoughts on space and how in his workshop, he looked up at his many mobiles hanging in the ceiling and thought of them as making up this own space. Creating their own universe.