Google Engage: Research 2

Dialogue Studio, google engage

Stepping away from the animal bit completely, I am going to try to go in the direction of showing people other aspects of the leather industry besides the animal cruelty one that they might not have considered. Leather is not only bad for the animals farmed in making it but also for the people working in tanneries and the impact the production has on the environment. Chromium pollution is the fifth most toxic pollution problem in the world and destroys the rivers and lands where it is dumped as a by-product of the tanning process and workers in the industry can be as young as five years old wearing no protection gear and dying too young from being poisoned for years from working with these chemicals. 


Google Engage: Research 1

Dialogue Studio, google engage

New brief is about engaging. Engaging in something you are passionate about and making other people engage with it as well. My chosen topic is animal cruelty and through screen based interaction and the digital out of home medium I will aim to make people more aware about what goes on in the leather industry. The cruelty towards the animals, how it affects people working in the industry and how it affects our planet.