Movements: Research 1

Dialogue Studio, Movements

This project focuses on design history and movements. The deliverables will be a folded A2-A5 16 pager describing my exploration of chosen movement, and a motion graphic outcome. Starting off, I looked into 3 different movements I find interesting and chose De Stijl, Zero and The Washington Colour School.

De Stijl: Around 1917-1931 as a reaction to WWI, a group of Dutch artists set out to remake the world through a utopian vision and harmony and order. Exploring the ideal fusion of form and function, they wanted to eliminate all representational components, reducing painting to its elements: straight lines, plane surfaces, rectangles, and the primary colours red, yellow, blue, black and white. 


Modernism headline


Article about Modernism by Lisa Wallius:

“Like many ‘isms’, it seems both to stand for something clearly definable- a major twentieth- century movement in art, architecture, design and literature, even culture- and yet to demand continuous and ever more probing investigation into its history and significance”[1].

On display at the Museum of London is a cocktail cabinet. Entering the gallery “People’s City: London’s Suburbs” I have to admit I did not see the cabinet straight away. Not because it is particularly small or easily overlooked, but the beautiful Ford car standing beside it caught my immediate attention and the furniture piece beside this glorious vehicle did not feel that special. It might be I discarded it because it felt like it’s something I’ve seen many times before. Looking closer, the cabinet and the car are quite alike.