Pastiche 1560: Development 1

CIP, pastiche 1560

Though he did other sculptures as well and many paintings, Alexander Calder is essentially mobiles and I want one in my pastiche. A real one. Trying out some animation in After Effects and thinking about how to build something that can move and spin only ended up in me being frustrated because it didn’t look good at all. Because Calder’s designs are so clean and restrained in their visual language, animating something using only lines and dots seemed like a good way to echo his style but in my attempt of doing so I realized I lost that handmade factor that I would like to capture. What I made seemed too disconnected from the sculptor’s rustic studio overlooking the grassy hills of Saché, France. And that’s not good.


Dialogue Studio: Bedwyr Williams

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Singing sneakers, a goat in a ravine and imagining oneself as bread; the Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams’s exhibition “The Gulch” at The Barbican is a walk through strange. Led from one room to the next, the artist takes us on a journey from beaches, restaurants and board rooms- trough built scenes set in dim lighting with no explanation as to what we’re looking at. It’s magically bizarre and I wish the experience went on for longer.

With a Kubrick vibe but maybe less dark, The Gulch is an exhibition I recommend. Go and listen to a man telling you to imagine yourself as a piece of dough. A dough man with different types of breads as your limbs, rising with the hot flames of the oven. Growing crisp and toasty. I for one couldn’t stop laughing.

Dialogue Studio: Kurt Schwitters

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Kurt Schwitters was a German artist probably most famous for his collages although he did lots of other work as well such as graphic design, sculpture, installation art, paintings and poetry. Most linked with dadaism, Schwitters made collages in the most collage(y) sense possible and his style is quite easily recognized.

Collages by Kurt Schwitters

Dialogue Studio: Emma McNally

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Work by Emma McNally

Emma McNally is an artist making complex graphite drawings reflecting the environment around us. Inspired by music and sounds, rainfall, Morse code, telecommunications and the transmissions from the hydrophones under the Antarctic ice streamed live on internet- her works are mesmerizing,  intricate maps of dots and lines that invokes a sort of calm.

I think her work is beautiful and the way she uses different sounds in her creative process very inspiring. I really like the abstractness of this and want to use something similarly un figurative for my app.

Seeing through words

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Can a map be something other than an image and what qualities does it need to have? When I think of maps I vision the old roll down world map we had in our classroom in secondary school but really, a map could probably be just about anything if you think about it as long as it does what a map is supposed to do.