FMP: Research 1

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Final major project did not come easy to me in terms of knowing what I wanted to do. There is something very daunting about the words “final, major” and it caused a huge creative block for me. In the same way I can find it difficult to make a poster because all the pressure it has to represent so much, this was the same although now it has to represent me(?) yikes.


Looking back and forward


Before going on and starting another year of projects, I’ll summarise what I took with me from last year. What I’m most proud of achieving so far is probably how I managed to keep everything going at a fast pace when juggling so many projects at once. What I would like to improve though is related to my blog- and that is curating my images better to make my content more cohesive. I would also like to spend more time doing research for my projects because that always seem to be the most time consuming part of a project. I want my portfolio to look cohesive, thought through and feel like me so I should start to art direct everything I do from here on out. I want to be proud of my finished projects and the work I put in, leaving uni next spring.

Best get going then haha!

Pastiche 1560: Wayfinding excersize, La Jetée and the Kuleshov Effect

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Making a film through still images is an easy way to create a video sequence and until today- wasn’t really a technique I’d used before. It is actually an interesting way to create narrative and story.  The Kuleshov Effect explains why putting  images together in a certain sequence is the base for film making and how powerful a tool editing is. “Through the choices in how shots are organized and sequenced, filmmakers can create new meaning by juxtaposing unrelated images.


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I decided to work some more with the “directly translated sentences” from this post and made the drawings into posters! I found this quite fun and I’m thinking about slowly adding to this project and maybe make it in to a zine or printing them using silkscreen. Just need some more nonsense sentences and I’ll be good to go!

Everyday Irritation

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No day is without some sort of irritation at something. It may be small and lasts for the briefest second but there is always something to be annoyed about for sure. After having a particular bad day a couple of weeks ago, I decided to create a blog about those little things like a collection of sorts where I illustrate the everyday life struggles. I’m thinking about making this a little side project that I can come back to whenever I feel the need and add illustrations little by little.

Here is the link to the website: so go check it out!