FMP: Outcome 4

FMP, Studio- Give and Take

With all 3 posters done and mounted on frames, the next thing to do was to photograph them. As I wanted to make postcards and smaller paper posters of the work as well, I really need good images of it to show scale, detail, craftsmanship etc. I found this task very daunting because of the scale of the posters and the fact that they need a lot of daylight to not look scruffy. The posters are very colourful so I wanted them to be photographed in front of a bright colour to balance it out. So I took the turquoise backdrop and went in search for a light place in the building. Ended up on the roof in direct sunlight and thought this light would definitely give my posters a lift. Tried to set the backdrop up the normal way first, but it was too windy and the paper didn’t like it so decided that the best course of action would be to roll it out on the floor instead.


Set up, Lisa 2018

With the help of Oliver (this was definitely a two man job!) who took the photos while I put my hands in the shot to show the scale and make the pictures more dynamic, we spent over two hours photographing the three. Making sure to to show off all the elements of them (the detail of the knit, how they lie flat, the shadows they create, what they look like from the back) we got some really great photos and I am extremely happy with how they turned out. The turquoise background and the harsh direct sunlight makes it look very crisp and like the pictures were taken somewhere way more south than London which I really like because my colour choices lean more towards Moroccan ceramic tiles and south Indian sunrises anyways.

The trickiest bit was getting the whole poster in the shot, straight from above without the photo looking skewed or wonky. After some trial and error we got some nice images that weren’t far off from perfect which made editing them much easier as I only had to skew/warp the photos a little bit to get them straight. Well happy with these!

Posters, Lisa 2018

Laid out my favourite images in InDesign and made postcards on an A3 sheet of paper. Just need to print it off and then that’s done!

postcards together a3-1.jpg
Postcards, Lisa 2018 

On the back of each postcard is the name of the poster as well, and I decided to name them (blue) “shift” (pink) “spark” and (grey) “seen” and they all relate to the different aspects/topics I set up/followed when drawing their design.


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