FMP: Outcome 2

FMP, Studio- Give and Take

Knitting the 3rd poster was TEDIOUS. I wanted the pattern on this one to incorporate some sort of zig zag and waves to represent photons and how light travels. It was also going to be the more conservative of the three in terms of colour combination and the use of grey and white as new elements in the trio. Turns out, knitting a zig zag pattern takes a long long time. The design got altered along the way as well and I was planning on incorporating red but changed it to pink so it would fit better with the other two. 

Grey done, back and front, Lisa 2018

Funny thing about this though is that because the yarn was thinner, I cast on more loops from the get go but it somehow turned out to be too big anyways (?) which was a bit annoying as it took more of my time, but not really a problem as it meant I could alter where I wanted the design to land on the frame by pulling it further up or down. Just a bit of waste on the back that’s all.

The back of this I think looks really interesting as well because it’s so repetitive it creates these cool lines of yarn hanging down in the same vertical space. One problem though is that because of the many many thread changes, especially on the left side, it makes the frame a bit bumpy which doesn’t look super nice so I might have to cut the threads down just there so it doesn’t take away from the overall impression. I am calling these things poster, and posters need to be flat.


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