Match and Mismatch: Development 2

Match and Mismatch, Studio- Give and Take

Second proposal is the colourful, lego vibe-y one. Lots of yellow!! And I finally settled on blue as well to complement the yellow. Tried it out using red at first but just thought of food when I looked at it so I had to throw that idea away. So this idea uses different tones of yellow, one dark blue and one cyan and all the backgrounds are always coloured in and there’s no white space anywhere.

All the concepts2

Concept 2, Lisa 2017

The whole feeling of this is very saturated and showing how the bench could be made bigger by adding drawn lines showing how it can expand, and cut outs of the bench to make it feel more build-y and assemble it yourself-y. I thought about those books where you can punch out things from it and put it together to build it in real life, and because this is a piece you can take apart and pack flat, I also thought about IKEA, how things are packages and their instruction manuals and how it’s important that it is as simple to read as possible so you understand how to assemble your piece. For this concept I thought it would be nice to add patterns as well so I drew a stylized image of wood grain that refers back to the material that it’s made of, but that isn’t really the focus though as this concept is all about the funtion rather than the material, like the previous one.

All the typefaces I have chosen are sans serifs ones that are pretty straight forward and not frilly in any way. I feel like it needed to be that because of the nature of the bench and how straightforward it looks. For this one I thought Futura would be nice especially as the “:” bit reminds me of the rounded bits in lego that make the pieces stackable and I thought that would be a nice reference to how this furniture piece could easily be mass produced.


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