Walk the Line: Outcome 3

Studio- Give and Take, Walk the line

Posters for the gifs! Something I hadn’t really thought about at all until last week. Trying to get some ideas I started out sketching small images of different layouts I thought could work. I liked the images but couldn’t get the type right so I started experimenting with the type instead to see if I could get anywhere with that. Well, I didn’t. Thinking about movement, repetition and layering I tried drawing type, collage, cutting up type, blurring type, stitching. Didn’t like any of it. The only one I did like was the “may” in blue and yellow, however when I tried the same technique for the other words it just looked really gross.

Sketches for posters, Lisa 2017

After getting some feedback on this I decided that I didn’t want to use any of my words in my posters, but rather come up with a new title that would incorporate all of them (same as how I have approached making all my gifs, they sort of blend together now). Putting the title aside for a while, I did another gif instead and from that gif (where I used a piece of paper that folds over and over) I looked at the folded paper and really liked it. So that became the starting point for designing my posters. Initially I tried using some different stills from my gif, laying it out in InDesign, adding some placeholder text to see what I could get from that.

First layout tests, Lisa 2017

Also making the image into a dot screen as I thought I could screenprint the final posters to continue on the hand made theme I have started with my gifs. I liked where this was going but couldn’t commit fully so I made some using the other materials I have for my gifs too and added colour to see what they could look like. And also how they would look like together.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 4.27.39 PM

More poster ideas, Lisa 2017

I kind of liked these together but they weren’t quite there yet. I liked the idea of having the title split in two so I started thinking instead about what I could call my gif collection and finally came up with the name “Tick, Tock” which I think pulls all of my ideas for the gifs together; time, waiting, may-may not, movement, repetition, layering, changing.. And after I had the title and added the extra information that needs to be included in the poster, it started to look better and I came up with something that looked like this:

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 1.06.12 PM.png

More poster ideas, Lisa 2017

Which then evolved to a series that looks like this:

Final posters in black and white, Lisa 2017

I wanted them all to look a bit cut out-y so I made the edges of it/frame somewhat uneven and because I want to screenprint these in two colours but don’t want any strange overlapping to happen with the dot screen and the coloured background, I made white shapes underneath. I think the fact that nothing will be perfect is going to make these look more interesting and represent my gifs and my words. Inspired by the image below in terms of the un even border!


Der Summer in Stuttgart

Having everything laid out now, next step is to screenprint these and give it some colour.


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