Summer Show: Outcome 3

Design competition, Summer show exhibition

Our final idea for hanging work and systems for display that we settled on became based on the metal grids, white paint and tape. As the grids would replace our current pegboards, we could get rid of those but would still need to keep our wooden tables and bookshelves to display work/books that need to lie flat or stand. As the wood didn’t really fit our theme we decided we could paint the furniture white so that it goes better with the rest of our aesthetics. Because our idea focused around keeping the space as neutral as possible, painting everything white is good because it gets rid of the various existing colours all around the studios. 

Looking up how to get the grids made us realise the best course of action was to buy them ready made, in white. We could produce them at the metal workshop available in the building but it would take too long and therefor be less effective, both work wise and cost wise. However, we did look into making our own paper clips (instead of using bulldog clips) for hanging work which is definitely something we can do in the workshop and wouldn’t cost us more than ten pounds in material.


Grid design and clips, Lisa 2017

To give an idea of what a studio could look like, Finn made these room mockups as well:


Mockup, Finn Kidd 2017

Depending on the size of the grid, they could either be hung up or leaning against the wall.



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