Summer Show: Research 4

Design competition, Summer show exhibition

After looking into what more things/ graphics you could do with tape because I thought I hadn’t explored it enough I found these images of how some exhibitions have used it:

Tape inspiration, Lisa 2017

I thought that we could do something similar when hanging work. In this sketch I did we were still into the idea of using coloured tape as wayfinding so I thought we could use that for the hanging as well but for the final idea I swapped the coloured tape for white tape so as to fit our theme better. 

tape hangning

Hanging ideas, Lisa 2017

After our first test presentation our group got the feedback that we should narrow down our ideas as we had too much going on at the moment. I started thinking about different ways of hanging work because our initial plan of using all of our old furniture just didn’t seem too innovative enough. Researching it more I came across this image which got me thinking about having big structures you lean against the wall to hang work on.


Hanging inspiration, Lisa 2017

So I came up with this idea of making a grid kind of hanging structure you could lean against the wall and clip work onto using bulldog clips. When we discussed incorporating felt in our idea, I thought we could use a big sheet of that as a backdrop to add colour but in the end we threw that idea out the window and focused on making the exhibition space as neutral and white as possible which was a good idea I think.

hanging stuff

Hanging ideas, Lisa 2017

Another idea was to use the metal grids for hanging books as well, creating a sort of bookstand but as I was drawing what that might look like I realised it wouldn’t work so I didn’t pitch that idea to the rest of the group.


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