Walk the Line: Outcome 1

Studio- Give and Take, Walk the line

So progress with the gifs has been a bit slow of late due to lack of inspiration and nothing looking like I wanted it to. Until today! Making a gif out of the crayon tests I did some weeks back didn’t turn out well and it just looks way better as a still image/images than a moving one as it’s not flow-y enough (seen below). 


Crayon gif, Lisa 2017


So I went back to thread and thinking this one would represent “may”, a needle stitching, going down and coming up in random places symbolizing uncertainty and not knowing what is going on. Tried to do this by stitching and scanning it repeatedly but it came out really gross because the scanner made lines on my paper and the needle got a strange shine to it so I abandoned that project (seen below).


Needle and thread gif, Lisa 2017


So my next plan is to try photographing this instead and see if that works better. I have also started thinking about my gifs as more of a whole instead of three different words that need to connect somehow, so bringing in elements from all word concepts in one gif through colour, material and expression so they talk to each other better and could actually represent several words at a time.

Keeping this in mind I made a gif with coloured paper, using the same colour scheme I’ve used for my first two finished gifs. I wanted this to be more two dimensional and twitchy, like the paper didn’t know what to do so I scanned in some movements with two sheets of paper, edited them and put it together focusing a lot on the speed of the twitch so it didn’t look super smooth but more random.

Twitch paper gif 1 and 2, Lisa 2017

The left one is my first try but I wasn’t crazy happy about the colours so I made a second one which I think looks better because it feels more worrisome and it fits “may” better and also “child” better.

That done, I did an experiment with some coloured pencil shavings I stuck in my sketchbook the other week when brainstorming connections to “child” thinking about how children always create stuff and the mess they leave behind. I thought it would be funny to make the shavings move and made one where a bit of it rotates but finishing that I just felt like it didn’t move too much and the image as a whole was too static so I made another one that’s more twitchy and communicates better with the paper one I made just before.

Pencil shavings gif 1 and 2, Lisa 2017

It kind of looks like someone is moving the shavings around on a light box and I think it looks really nice: like someone fiddling with something.

Final one I managed to do today is another thread one. For this I pulled apart the yarn I had to create thinner strands of thread, mixed two colours and spun them around on a coloured piece of paper, scanning it as I went along. This gif is like a combination of all my words with the thread that I have been using for “old, the paper for “may” and the moving around for “child”. Twitchy and changing ripples basically. Wrinkles on a worried forehead, sound waves of a child screaming and the connections and intertwines of something old.


Wobbly gif, Lisa 2017

Five gifs done so four left now! I think it’s starting to come together.

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