Core Workshop: Visual Research

Core Workshops, Workshops

This workshop was about collecting research and recording a place quickly through a number of different mediums such as drawing, writing, listening and photographing things and people. Fast paced and quite intense. With this collected research the objective was then to combine all the information and display it somehow visually. My group decided to go to Spitalfields market and on our way there kind of divided tasks between us (with some overlapping) which meant that when we got there we just kind of split up, wandered around and sometimes connected again to see what we had done. 

I liked walking around and taking notes, listening to people and taking pictures of objects and type. Most people just ignored me which was nice, some engaged in conversation and tried to sell something which was okay and then there was one man who flat out started yelling at me for writing down what was said around his stall, saying what I did was illegal and wanting me to rip my page out of my sketchbook. Yikes. We argued a bit about the right to record your environment and taking pictures of public space until eventually he said I should leave, he didn’t want me there anymore or even look at me. So that wasn’t super pleasant. But got some nice things from the research and as a group managed to cover all the parts of the brief.

Visual research, Lisa 2017

Making the research come together as a finished collated thing was pretty organic as well. Finn had the idea of making a little pamphlet of our impressions of the market based on a publication we saw at Bishopsgate research library and which kind of turned into a posterzine with three different posters printed at the back so we could all put our own personal touch to it as well. Group work went really well too and we all just cracked on with refining our sketches and ideas and put them in a shared folder as we went along, keeping track of what everyone was doing all the time so the visual language of all the work would be similar.

The final outcome I think looks really good and it’s funny how when you’ve worked with the same people for so long, you know their style and them yours which meant our posters look really cohesive because no one tried to makes this into something individual- rather we found a collective visual language quite naturally and it just worked. The posterzine is a combination of my drawings and text, Finn’s drawings and recorded interview and Oliver’s photographs and drawings and in addition to that, Oliver also made an animation with Finn’s drawings and my sound which looks great and fits our theme nicely.

All in all a good workshop with nice physical outcomes (seen below: me, Finn, Oliver)

Work by: Lisa Wallius, Finn Kidd, Oliver Villalonga-Roman

We all picked up on different things for the poster as well, inspired by the same place but seeing different things. For mine I focused on all the drawers and boxes that were packed with objects. I drew the glass bottles I found in one and combined it with the mess of necklaces I found in another and added a quote from an angry man on the phone thinking about the man that yelled at me.


The other side of the zine, Lisa Wallius, Finn Kidd, Oliver Villalonga-Roman 2017

The design of the zine reflects the old pamphlet we found with the red borders and type on the front page and the mirrored type is something we saw at the market. Conversations over people, the buildings surrounding the area, objects from the market and handwritten type on medicine bottles all found their way into the design. It works!



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