Walk the Line: Development 4

Studio- Give and Take, Walk the line

Child! Children are crayons. Because crayons are something you use (or at least I did) throughout your childhood but then you don’t anymore. Children are also movement, never sitting still, puzzles, colour, shapes and not thinking too hard about the world they inhabit. Wrote down ideas and connections to “child” and then went full on crayon mode as seen below.

Crayon sketches and tests, by Lisa

Started out with drawing shapes and copying a cool poster with circles I found on pinterest (but don’t know who did them). Then I just did kind of markmaking tests to see how I could capture movement by thinking about tones, intensity, rolling the crayon around, twisting and turning it etc. I also got A LOT of inspiration from the book Graphic Design Manual by Armin Hofmann which reflects on the abstraction of shapes and capturing light and motion. Ended up these final drawings seen below that I really like because I think it looks like children running around. Like you’ve taken a photo of someone moving but the exposure was really long. I really like them but haven’t decided what to do with them yet, gif wise.

children moving pink

Crayons and movement, by Lisa

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