Walk the Line: Development 2

Studio- Give and Take, Walk the line

First gif is done! (if I don’t change my mind later on) Sowing turned out to take a lot more planning than I thought hah and I had to throw away a lot of tests before coming up with a plan that worked so everything looked cohesive. At first I just tried my hand at freestyling the lines but oh my did they come out wonky so that was a bad idea. I also realised I had to map out exactly where each colour should go in my gradient so I didn’t waste any thread (didn’t have a lot) and that was more complicated than I thought it would be. So, after drawing a little template on lined paper and marking where the holes should go, I taped it to the paper I was gonna sow in and made the holes with a needle from the start so it was just a matter of threading through the yarn later. 

thread process

Templates and sowing tests, by Lisa

thread 1

One finished gradient, by Lisa

So this is how the gradient turned out. Had to make it very airy because otherwise the holes in the paper would be too close together and eventually be just one big hole as the paper ripped. A bit sad because even though I like the airiness, I think it would look nice if the thread touched a bit more so they blend better.

thread all

Gradients! by Lisa

Finished sowing, I scanned all the pieces, put them together in PS and made them into a gif. However they didn’t look great as only individual images appearing after one another and I wanted another element of movement in it so after thinking about it for a week I decided to animate the gif so each thread appear individually (like it was sown). I did consider making it this was originally but by scanning the image every time I added a thread. Decided against it though as it would be really time consuming and I would probably have given up half way through because of the slow process.

Well, the same animation can be accomplished by simply adding a white rectangle to the gradient in PS and moving it further and further down, thus revealing the thing bit by bit. Simple idea–> amazingly tedious. I had to create 108 layers for this and it is not something I recommend to anyone. In the end PS wouldn’t even save the gif because it was too big so had to make the whole thing a couple of centimeters smaller before it worked. This is the result:


Thread gif, by Lisa

I like how the thread came out when exporting it to a gif as it made everything a bit gritty and glow-y which makes it feel more like a cohesive gradient (best viewed by squinting a bit) but I kind of want it to glow more. I also like how it makes me think of blinds being pulled down a window and how time passes over each day for the connection to my word “old”. I’m gonna leave it alone for now though and see if I come back to it.


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