Walk the Line: Research 4

Studio- Give and Take, Walk the line, Workshops


More gifs! This one is based on an image made by me and Oliver taking turns to draw on a long sheet of paper, creating an abstract cityscape. 

coll draw

Collaborative drawings

The original is made with a marker pen and a huge chalk pen and is maybe 3-4 meters long so I decided to only use my favourite part of it to make the gif and re-drew it in photoshop because I wasn’t overly fond of the inconsistency in the pen marks happening when the pen started to dry out. I made the lines a bit wonky so they match the original and communicates better with the handmade one and actually think it turned out great. I really like how the image looks digitally cause it’s got that Saul bass vibe going on with its sharp edges and it’s colour scheme.

So I’ve discovered that making gifs really tests my patience. All the layers and tiny little monotonous changes is making me go half crazy. Nevertheless, I like my outcome but think it would work better if the windows to the left weren’t so hectic in their blinking, maybe they would look better not moving at all actually so it gives the foreground a calmer vibe. The rest fits really nice though, it looks like a foggy London morning being busy with life and that’s what I wanted.

Gif progress, by Lisa

Look at all the layers, yikes!!


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