Walk the Line: Development 1

Studio- Give and Take, Walk the line

After an intense brainstorming and idea day last Friday I have a lot of concepts for both “child” and “may” but not really any more for “old” which was the first word I started to think about. What I have is the research I did with lines and string but I don’t know how I am going to make it into gifs or if all my gifs for that word should be line based. I also keep going back to thinking about how all the gifs will look together and how they will relate when the words are so different and will be made in different ways. It’s blocking me a little bit.

Opting for the “just do something and see where it goes”- technique, I put needle and thread to paper and just started doing. These are the yarn sketches I made and the things I learned from doing it:

sketchbook string

Embroidered sketches, by Lisa

So, what I realised is that this is tricky to do if you don’t have a clear visual in your head already. Plus, if you don’t want to waste a lot of thread for the back of it you have to think about how you stitch as well and where you make your holes which became extra apparent when I made the rotating triangle as I really had to consider which line went above which. I tried a couple of different techniques; overlapping the thread from bottom to top so they meet in the middle and give a spinning effect, making the holes first, not making the holes first, not letting the lines overlap at all, creating angles or trying to make the shape more organic. In one case, the back of the piece looked better than the front so I glued it in like that instead.

I did the tests on paper as I have so much of that and in different colours too and I really like how it looks with the smooth and flat background the paper makes.

However, not knowing how to take this forward I have turned to a book that caught my eye in the library; a book on Paul Klee and his theories on form production and pictorial form. It’s pretty abstract and consists of strange sketches with lines, equations and colour theory. Some of it just feels completely insane to be honest. What it did give me though are some ideas. I found this piece of writing that made me think of “old” and earth straight away and how I want to incorporate lines:

“What was in the beginning? Things moved so to speak freely, neither straight nor crooked lines. They may be thought of as simply moving, going where they wanted to go, for the sake of going, without aim, without will, without obedience, moving self evidently, in a state of primal motion. There was just one thing- mobility, the prerequisite for change from this primordial state.” 

So then I started thinking of my lines as something that should move more at random and look less like a controlled pattern. The embroidery I did like the most after all, was the back of something I tried to structure a lot but the back of it made less sense. I did some sketches for this but I don’t really like how they turned out. I also thought about representing something old (like a city or a street) but through only vertical or horizontal lines but I’m also not sure what the point of that would be. 

Thinking about the paragraph I found I wrote down words it made me associate with:

  • combinations of possibilities
  • paths
  • branches
  • choices
  • decisions

I want to try to represent “old” through something that is ongoing as I don’t think old is something that stands still. We grow old, it’s something happening every day all the time and new things that don’t exist yet will also eventually be old and something old now will be old then too. So I want the gif to be a loop and a change which made me think about colour and gradients.

old idea sketch

Sketch of idea for “old”, by Lisa

Quickly sketched it out and now have the basis for at least one of the “old” gifs haha! Man this will take some time.



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