Give and Take- gif workshop

Studio- Give and Take, Walk the line, Workshops

Gifs! Gifs are pretty fun because you can turn a quick drawing into something that looks like it was way more complicated to create. I have made gifs before but today I was introduced to another, more easy way of doing it on a workshop held by Russell Weekes.

Starting of creating simple movement with a round sticker confined to a drawn square and thinking about how the sticker needs to be placed for the movement to feel smooth from one frame to the next we later advanced to creating our own drawings or trying to make a gif stand still. 

Experiments with stickers, by Lisa

After drawing your stills it is just a matter of transferring them into Photoshop, match them up by altering the opacity, edit them the way you want them and create frames from the layers and alter the speed of every frame.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 2.25.04 PM

Checking the opacity

For the rest of my gifs I tried different techniques of image making (drawing free hand, tracing, photocopying) and below are my outcomes.

Gifs, by Lisa

The plant one is from a picture I drew in my “draw everyday journal” and made it come to life by making it swing back and forward like it’s made of wire. The second one are a compilation of 15 images drawn to look the same (which they really don’t haha) and I coloured in the background with crayons. It’s a gif that works both ways as it looks like a angry fish at the top and the bottom one like an angry goat. Not done on purpose haha but it worked out pretty fun. My favourite one though is the hand at the top of this post as it just looks so simple and satisfying to stare at.


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