Movements: Development 5

Dialogue Studio, Movements

Just before I went to print my pager, I changed my cover a final time after a series of tests because I wanted to incorporate more of the light aspect of the Zero movement. So I took some experimental photos of the shadows created when lifting the cut out pattern I did  a couple of weeks ago and really liked how they turned out so I decided to use that. Playing around with how to place it I eventually made up my mind on a design and stuck with it. The problem I have had with the red bit in the pager I tried to solve by taking the red completely off and focusing on grey instead so I did some tests with a drawing I did a couple of days ago where I using my fingers, created shadows on silver lines so the image looked like waves. Tried to place it in my layout in several different ways but none of them felt right so I ended up deleting that image completely and instead using the cut out pattern I used for the cover so they link.

Cover trials and layout decisions

And this is the final design:

Front and back

The workshops I have included in the inside are letterpress and screenprint, plus two of my own outcomes based on the movement. On the back I placed the kinetic type workshop in the form of stills from the video so it reads like a film sequence capturing the motion of the video. As the inside is so white I really wanted the back of it to be really really dense black as a contrast to make it more dramatic as the movement is all about the unconventional with a bit of drama. The grid workshop I included in the way I placed everything and thought about the layout, placing some images dead on centre, whilst others had a specific direction (like the letterpress outcome that stretches over the fold) and also including circles with the O.


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