Collection: Outcome 4

CIP, collection brief

My printed book has arrived and I really like it. It is bright and happy but still has a seriousness about it which is exactly what I was going for. It is so nice to see something physically that you have been working on for a really long time. I have learned a couple of things doing this project but the most important one is: it takes time to design a book. And there is so much planning going in to it. I have simultaneously enjoyed and dreaded the making of this book as it has been so extensive. There were so many images of outcomes I had to redo or clean up before it felt presentable for the book, so I hope I will learn for the future to keep better care of my work and take better images from the start haha.

The layout for my book is kind of Alan Fletcher inspired when he said that making a book is quite similar to making a storyboard for a movie, when it comes to the flow and pacing of everything from page to page. I have some consistent layout solutions throughout, like the introduction to each chapter looks the same and the explanation for each project always starts the same way with a small block of text in the bottom right corner and a image or images covering the left side. 

I have also learned that I cannot work with placeholder images at all. It is impossible for me to plan out the layout for a spread when I don’t know what the images look like (the orientation, size or colour) because it plays such a huge part of how I will place it as I go by feeling alone. I would rather break the grid in order to enhance my image than sticking to a fixed page layout design that won’t always fit the images or the amount of text. For me, the creation and creativity comes from me looking at the images and all my material, getting a sort of sense of it in my mind and then playing around with them on the page until I find the best solution for the spread and also so it is cohesive with the pages before and after the one I am working on. Definitely an experience working with this book!

The book!

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