Movements: Development 4

Dialogue Studio, Movements

Designing the layout for the final outcome took way longer than what I thought it would hah! I just couldn’t make up my mind because every time I printed it I found things I didn’t like about it. It is so different to see a thing on screen versus when it’s printed and you actually hold it in your hands, it changes its appearance so much. Anyways- I started out using the colours silver and gold a lot but pretty quickly realised it wouldn’t look good printed and scratched that idea. Then I moved on to adding red as I thought that would be good representation of the monotone in the movement. I kept the red in there for a long time but altered other things about the layout so it wouldn’t look too boxy and kept some images overlapping the folds so it flowed better and represented the movement more. Here are all my tries!

Fil 007

First try, gold and silver and red 

Fil 006

Adding my original screen print design and having a red line flow through the page

Fil 005

Cover changed, incorporated more red

Fil 004

Finding some spelling mistakes and changing the cover again

Fil 003

Back to the red, this time more

Fil 002

Changing the monotone red to a letterpress outcome

Fil 001

Making the red bit smaller

Fil 000

And smaller

And in the end I decided to send this to print but on the day changed my mind again. The red looked too off and I wanted more of a silver and light feeling instead, without actually using the colour grey.


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