Movements: Development 3

Dialogue Studio, Movements

Screenprinting! Starting to create my design for this I took inspiration from these two sketches I quickly did a couple of days ago in a sudden rush of inspiration where I tried to make the Zero expression more contemporary in a way, or pop-y but still keeping the zero vibe.

Zero poster sketches, by Lisa

My first attempt seen below too the right worked okay, I imitated one of my letterpress results from a previous workshop, but it didn’t vibrate enough so second attempt seen to the left was an experiment in creating more fluid lines that more resemble some of the tests I created with my blue and black Klein experiments. Way better results! More alive and with more movement so that’s what I went for, for the final print in two colours.

Ideas for screenprint, by Lisa

Seen below are the results of the workshop (sorry for the poor photographs) printed with silver and black.

Screenprints, by Lisa

Some of the prints didn’t come out great so I created new patterns with them by cutting them up- to the left is my favourite outcome from that. The randomness of it is interesting I think.

Experiments with cut out paper, by Lisa

To the right is a pattern I made by cutting and folding paper, I was so into cutting that I started taking my scalpel to my sketchbook as well; trying to create light and shadows in a different way. I took a picture of the outcome and then traced the different triangles of light and shadow and I might do something more with that cause I quite like the outcome. Maybe another screenprint printed in white, grey and black on white, grey and black paper so one colour always kind of blends in with the colour of the paper- making three different outcomes from the same image. We’ll see!


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