Movements: Development 2

Dialogue Studio, Movements

Today I have been working with kinetic typography and making a video reflecting my movement. Started out by researching kinetic typography and found the Swiss designer Dominique Schmitz very inspirational. Similar to the Zero movement his work is full of lines and overlapping elements creating vibration and movement and I especially liked these two seen below. Even the colours are right. Initially I wanted to create something like the left example as it feels like a modern spin on what I am looking into but then I started thinking about type as image and got more interested in how I could use type to create pictures and started sketching with the letters I, Z and O.

Work by Dominique Schmitz

Browsing through Stefan Sagmeister’s Instagram I found a video of the Bay Bridge in San Fransisco and its light installations in 2013 and kind of drifted away from the original thoughts I had and landed on trying to capture light. Thinking about Otto Piene and his light ballet, twinkling lights and light reflections came to mind and I decided to experiment with that, using the letter O as a base. Reaching this decision I knew pretty quick what I wanted to do so in After Effects I started to compose a circle of circles and made them fade in and out like blinking lights that start to glow and finally disappear and ends with the word zero. The type is a mix of futura and gill sans (are you allowed to mix?!) because the gill sans O looks more round than the futura one and it fits better but I absolutely hate the R of gill so I swapped the rest of the letters for futura which fits better.

Screenshots of video, by Lisa

Feeling like I could do more with my animation I then added a line that swipes away the text and multiply¬†into many more lines that vibrate and eventually fades out but after experimenting with this for a long time and adding a metal texture to the background and also to the lines and masking out an O with the lines, I realised that no, it did not work. I liked the tranquility of the “zero ending” better as it feels more final and minimal and well, more zero. So that’s what I did and this is the final result!

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