Movements: Research 3

Dialogue Studio, Movements

I have been looking more into the zero movement and especially the works of Yves Klein. Klein was maybe the most experimental out of the people associated with the movement and the real motor, working a lot with performance, sculptures and experimental painting. He painted using his hands, people’s bodies, fire and was obsessed with blue as he saw it as the perfect colour.

Works by Yves Klein

I looked into Heinz Mack’s work more as well. He does installations, sculptural work, textures.. but the thing I am interested in the most is his work with lines and his passion for making vibration. Pretty abstract and strange sounding maybe, but looking at his work it makes more sense:

Works by Heinz Mack

So, using Klein’s way of creating with his hands and experimenting lots and Mack’s quest for creating vibration through lines, I made my own paintings. I tried to make my own vibrations using lines painted with brush, sponge and my fingers to see the different outcomes. I also painted some on a hard flat surface and some on a bumpy piece of cardboard which gave really interesting results as the space where the ink didn’t reach became equally important as it created light. I really enjoyed making these and I like the results as I can definitely develop them further and use for my A2-A5 pager.

Experimenting with inks and lines, by Lisa

From the book I took out, explaining the zero movement, I’ve found some interesting quotes I can use for this project as well. Describing zero:

  • a zone of silence
  • quiet and unquiet
  • lightlight
  • nature/man/technology
  • vision in motion- motion in vision
  • vast landscapes vs. human landscapes
  • colour is identification with space
  • colour is itself, by contrasting one colour to another, you take away its freedom
  • the structure and unity of parallel lines
  • creating vibration, intensity of presence

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