Google Engage: Development 7

Dialogue Studio, google engage

To drive this project further forward, I decided to investigate 3D printing the pavilion but after testing drawing the shapes I needed to build it in 3ds Max, I am thinking about going a different way. The program was too complicated for me, and even though I had a tutorial beforehand, I didn’t manage to create what I wanted and after an hour of pure frustration I had to give up.


The super weird shape I managed to make in 3ds Max..

So, even if I am not 3D printing anything I thought I could still build the pavilion digitally and use it for my explainer video as I am not liking the way the paper one looks. It would also be cool and more developed if I made something the camera could pan in to so it feels like you are walking through the pavilion- like how it is supposed to work in real life. Makes more sense. So I turned to sketchup instead and found that easier to master so after a couple of hours I had the model done. The design is different to my paper model though as I couldn’t make all the shapes I wanted and had to change around some things. 

Development of model, by Lisa

I started out with these shapes but it felt too empty so I made more and then also coloured them in, in a blue metal material. The middle shapes I made a see-through glass material as I think that would add to the design and enhance the layered feeling of waves.

Pavilion model in colour, by Lisa

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 2.57.20 PM

And this is how it looks when imported in to Cinema 4D. The blue colour disappeared so I probably did something strange when exporting the file and might have to redo it. I now also have a bit of a Cinema 4D vs After Effects problem. I have no idea how to use C4D and I would still like to use the projections I made for my previous outcome, with the waves and the text but I don’t know if that’s possible to import to C4D so more research needs to be done for this. As it is now, I can only import the file to AE as an image which means I can’t use it as I want. Ahh annoying.

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